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Top Competitive Selling Points for the System x3755 M3
(As of October 8, 2012)

A four-socket, 2U, high-performance server with a large memory capacity and superior price/performance for high-performance computing or decision-support applications

The x3755 M3 delivers:

  •  A four-socket, 64-core AMD Opteron server with extreme performance for compute-intensive applications.
  • A full processor lineup from low to top bin.
  • The option of purchasing the x3755 M3 as either a two-socket (upgradable to four-socket) or four-socket server.
  • A large memory of up to 512 GB (32 DIMMs) that speeds memory-intensive applications.
  • A server that is optimized for high-performance computing (HPC) with four-sockets and 64 cores per 2U server. The competition’s four-socket servers are twice the size at 4U.
  • The option of either high-performance SAS or low-cost SATA drives for up to 16 TB of local storage using up to eight lower-cost 3.5-inch drives.
  • A platform that is optimized for workload. With four-processors, 32 DIMMs, four PCI Express slots, and up to 24 TB of local storage, the x3755 M3 is ideally situated for mid-tier workloads between two-socket and four-socket Intel servers.
  • An alternative ‘value play’ to the high-end eX5 and two-socket x3650 M3 servers.
  • An ideal platform for mid-size databases (128-256 GB), delivering excellent price/performance and value.
  • Lower cost virtualization for mid-sized environments.
  • Better processor and memory performance than 2P servers, without the 4P price premium.
  • A pull-down Light-Path Diagnostic panel that aids in troubleshooting.
  • Power monitoring through IBM Active Energy Manager.
  • Trusted IBM worldwide service and support.

ServerProven Compatibility for the x3755 M3 (7164):

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x3755 M3, 2xAMD Opteron 16C 6380 115W 2.5GHz/16MB, 4x8GB, O/Bay HS 3.5in SATA/SAS,SR M5015,1100W p/s Rack
Listpreis 7.294,00 €

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