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Top Competitive Selling Points for BladeCenter H
(As of November 6, 2014)

Designed to deliver investment protection and cost savings:
  • The BladeCenter chassis was designed to be current for many more years than the competition.
  • Existing customers can reuse switch and network modules from an older BladeCenter chassis in BladeCenter H, saving over $30,000 in costs when transitioning.
  • With few exceptions, all three BladeCenter chassis (BladeCenter H, BladeCenter HT, and BladeCenter S) can support:
    • All currently shipping blades. Plans are in place to support future processors as they become available.
    • Many of the same Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and other switch modules that have been offered since 2002.
    • Shared resources and BladeCenter’s innovative power and cooling design, which can result in exceptional operating costs savings of up to 11-20% compared to competitive blade servers, and in the 32-58% range compared to 1U servers (Source: IBM lab testing).

Infrastructure Simplification

  • Support for up to 14 two-socket or 7 four-socket blades per chassis
  • Support for a variety of integrated switches to help reduce cable clutter, costs, and complexity
  • Support for role-based security, allowing those customers with separate server, networking, or storage departments to divide management securely
  • The ability to manage remotely or work locally using integrated media in the chassis
  • Light-Path Diagnostics to help quickly identify potential issues before they can bring down the server

Exceptional Flexibility and Choice

  • Support for up to four high-speed switches and four standard-form-factor switches
  • Multiple blade offerings using Xeon and POWER processors
  • A wide choice of operating systems, including Windows, multiple Linux distributions, IBM AIX, IBM i, and Solaris
  • Over ten switch offerings, including Ethernet, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, Converged, and more
  • The largest portfolio of I/O adapters compared to the competition
  • A modular blade design that allows for additional I/O or storage per blade

Designed for Extremely High Availability

  • Each blade is designed with two redundant connections (power, I/O, and management) to the midplane for those customers who need it.
  • The midplane has dual paths, providing an added level of high availability.
  • The management modules are hot-swap and offer optional redundancy.
  • All blowers and power supplies are hot-swap and redundant.
  • Predictive Failure Analysis on critical components on the blades and in the chassis helps to identify problems before they become serious issues.


  • Support for 10 Gb Ethernet end-to-end
  • Support for up to twelve I/O ports per blade

ServerProven Compatibility for the BladeCenter H (8852, 7989):

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IBM BladeCenter(tm) H Chassis with 2x2980W PSU, Rackable
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