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Top Competitive Selling Points for BladeCenter HS22 and HS22V (As of December 7, 2012)

The HS22 and HS22V are versatile, easy-to-use blade servers optimized for virtualization, performance, power, and cooling

The HS22 and HS22V offer:

  • Up to two Intel “Westmere-EP” Xeon processors and a high memory capacity with 18 VLP DDR3 memory DIMM slots (12 on the HS22) capable of running fast memory up to 1333 MHz. Unlike full-size DIMMs, very low-profile (VLP) memory DIMMs do not impede airflow inside the blade.
  • RDIMMs, not the cheaper UDIMMs that competitors use. UDIMMs do not support chipkill and could compromise blade reliability.
  • Optional low-power processors, solid state drives, and low-power memory DIMMs to deliver a high level of energy efficiency.
  • The most comprehensive energy management for the HS22V with IBM’s Active Energy Manager and xSmartEnergy.
  • 31% more virtual machines on average with the HS22V compared to the HP BladeSystem populated with BL490c G6 blades.
  • Support for a broad array of workloads, including infrastructure, virtualization, mainstream enterprise applications, SAP/database, and high-performance computing (HPC).
  • Excellent price/performance compared to the competition.
  • An optional embedded hypervisor that enables "instant virtualization."
  • The best rack and performance density for Intel Xeon servers vs. HP, Oracle, and Dell, with support for 84 two-socket servers using Xeon quad-core processors in a 42U rack (BladeCenter E).
  • Interchangeability that allows customers to put an HS22/HS22V in any BladeCenter chassis. HP and Oracle require different blades for each chassis. Dell only has a single chassis.
  • Up to four GPU expansion blades to each base server (for a combined width of 6.01” with the HS22 plus four GPU expansion blades). The expansion blades support NVIDIA Tesla M2070 or NVIDIA Tesla M2070Q adapter cards. The NVIDIA M2070 and M2070Q cards have the following specifications:
    • NVIDIA Fermi GPU engine
    • 448 processor cores operating at 1.15 GHz
    • 6 GB GDDR5 (graphics DDR) memory operating at 1.566 GHz
    • PCIe x16 host interface
    • 225W (TDP) power consumption
    • Double Precision floating point performance (peak): 515 Gflops
    • Single Precision floating point performance (peak): 1.03 Tflops
  • An integrated SAS controller that delivers RAID 0 and 1 out of the box.
  • Two hot-swap storage bays that support SFF SAS and solid state drives. Solid state drives 1) have more than twice the MTBF of conventional drives, 2) are optimized for disk mirroring, and 3) reduce power consumption by over 87% compared to conventional drives.
  • “Blue Path Cooling,” which optimizes component layout and blade design to create wind tunnels through the entire blade to cool efficiently and keep the blade up and running, even under demanding conditions.
  • Support for IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager to monitor and cap power consumption.
  • A TPM 1.2 chip, which is a coprocessor that holds cryptographic keys that protect information.
  • High-speed I/O that supports up to 40 Gigabits of Ethernet bandwidth to each blade and up to 8 I/O ports per blade.
  • UEFI, which provides more functionality, a better user interface, and easier management compared to competitors’ traditional BIOS and management interfaces.
  • A highly available design suitable for enterprise datacenter solutions. BladeCenter is designed with redundant connections on each blade and a redundant path to the midplane in each chassis to avoid a single point of failure.
  • Light-Path Diagnostics and Predictive Failure Analysis to enable quick serviceability and maintenance.
  • Superior systems management using IBM Systems Director and its plug-ins.

ServerProven Compatibility for the HS22 (7870, 7809):


ServerProven Compatibility for the HS22V (7871)


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